..it’s true..
I have the best fiancee in the world.

On my bad days he brings me flowers,
and leaves behind a hoodie that smells just like him.
I’m so in-love. And it’s so sweet.
Thanks for being the best babe, 
I need to be better at showing that I’m grateful 
for you do for me :)


Don’t live life worrying about the future,
for today only happens once.
Do live life worthy of the Spirit,
and you will be guided to make everyday what it should be,
and become who you should become.
Things are changing rapidly.
I’ve never been so happy.
I am marrying the best man in the world.


..green smoothies..
Lot’s of spinach. Some flax seed. banana. frozen cherries & peaches. 
soy milk.
It looks like baby poopy, but smells okay.
Pretty tasty.
I’m drinking them for the next 30 days. At least.

Read online that they help with skin “issues”
and I’m desperate as you can tell by my chin
on the above picture.

Also, I have a job interview tomorrow.
Wish me lots of luck.


..one month..
31 days.
749 hours.
44963 minutes.
2697791 seconds.
(as of now)

Until I get to marry my best friend, my lover,
and my boo.


..step one..
Is admitting you have a problem..
Yes, I am addicted to FaceBook, and it’s serious.
Step 2 was letting Broc change my password so I can't log in every 20 minutes to check it.
Also, I have an acne problem.
I have been so stinking stressed out, and my face proves it.

Hopefully I can have it in control in a month.


"..I assure you that there is no shame in a couple having to scrimp and save. It is generally during these challenging times that you will grow closer together as you learn to sacrifice and to make difficult decisions. Perhaps you are afraid of making the wrong choice. To this I say that you need to exercise faith. Find someone with whom you can be compatible. Realize that you will not be able to anticipate every challenge which may arise, but be assured that almost anything can be worked out if you are resourceful and if you are committed to making your marriage work".
-Thomas S. Monson

P.S. Conference was awesome. Can't wait to finish watching what we missed.



Broc & I probably had the funnest photo session ever.
We laughed and made out the whole time,
and still came out with some amazing photos.
(Thanks to the amazing photographer)

All our photos were taken by Mark Heywood